Ffordd Cae Felin, Prestatyn

June 7, 2019 - Jul 12, 2019

This proposed development is located on land to the south of Amberley Park, Prestatyn, with the site being accessed from the end of Ffordd Cae Felin. The proposed development sits within land adjoining Plas Newydd Farm, which sits to the west. To the north and east is existing residential development, and to the southa caravan park. The site covers an area of 8.55 acres (3.46 hectares), of which 7.51 acres is proposed for the development of new homes, 0.47 acres is planned as areas of publicly accessible recreational open space, and the remainder incorporates the green corridor of existing trees and hedging that form a wildlife buffer to the west.

A total of 114 dwellings are proposed, ranging in size from two to four bedrooms, and all are two storeys high. 54 of the properties (47% of the total) form a provision of affordable housing well in excess of that required by Denbighshire County council policy, the details and tenure of which will be confirmed with the Council during the course of a subsequent planning application. A series of financial contributions to provide funding for local public facilities and infrastructure will also be offered, to be secured by Denbighshire County Council through a legal agreement.

The dwellings, roads and associated landscaping proposed will be designed and constructed to a high standard, and will be entirely in keeping with the context of the local area. The development will offer a well-considered and attractive place to live for future local residents.

Ffordd Cae Felin, Prestatyn Site Plan

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